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Shadowrun LARP

Hi all, I once read in this community that SR LARP couldn't/shouldn't be done, well check this out:

What: A larp inspired by the tabletop game Shadowrun. We changed several things but also used some of the great European setting material
When: Saturday, May 3rd 2008, from 9PM to 2AM
Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
Who: Le Four Fantastique, my larp group, i.e. 4 organizers, 1 security officer/medic/DJ and 16 players.

Highlights: LazerTag Team Ops infra-red weapons, badass game site (a skatepark in a warehouse in a shady neighborhood, north side pic, south side pic), awesome costuming, laptops with a 3D "matrix" with clues in them,mood music thanks to the skateparks' awesome sound system (violent for fights, loungy for breaks, tragic for the end).

Overall, best WYSIWIG experience I've ever had in Switzerland. I was really *inside* Shadowrun for the night.

The game had been announced by the following trailer:

Plot summary: Shadowrunners from around the world are contacted to do a simple job in Lausanne, Switzerland. Each group had a heavy (rifle), rigger (healer/techie, gun with the lock-on goggles), hacker (could use the 3D software, normal pistol) and magic-user (could use the guns's shields, plus some special powers, normal pistol). The larp opened with the four teams trying get past the guards

to enter the dark warehouse, follow the fluorescent floor marking to meet Mrs- Johnson. Once inside, they learned that they'd be tested throughout the night to select the best team for a very, very, lucrative job.

The warehouse was the HQ of the Lausanne Hacking Club (a joke with the Lausanne Hockey Club, replacing their lion mascot with a Linux penguin), who rented its very special facilities to run the tests.

The rest of the night  alternated between test missions involving fighting but not-only

and our usual scheming-roleplaying-investigating, as each PC had his own agenda, plot etc.

The final scene was a shootout as Mrs Johnson declared she was only interested in the best 4 runners, not necessarily from the same team. The winners got the job: finding one of great dragon Lofwyr's eggs. Except the egg was hidden in the warehouse for reasons that'd take too much space to explain, found by a group of runners and destroyed. The sequel promises to be interesting :)

The teams

Raeghsa Tiserulos

A group of 3 celtic elf nobles and their ork "nanny" (name means Lords of Machismo in the Elven language of the Shadowrun universe).

Baron SA

A group a death-related shadowrunners (SA means ", Inc." in French-speaking Switzerland, so it's a joke with voodoo god Baron Samedi)

Uranium Communist Zombies

A group of anti-corporations terrorists under the control of their gasmask-wearing shaman.

Heimat Immer Verliebt

A group playing on many Swiss-German stereotypes

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