The Great Mr Slamm-0! (mrslamm0) wrote in shadowrun,
The Great Mr Slamm-0!

SR online the open source ver?

Dont ask how I tend to stumble apon these things or if every one knows about this already im sorry...I seam to find things out a day late and nuyen short. But take a seams to be a long ways away and I dont know how they got away with it exactly, not that they have a whole lot done by the looks of it but who knows *shrugs* The other thing Im wondering about that if it was to be relased is how it will turn out since reading the logs half of them never played SR before and probly to a lot of the SR communitys dismay it looks to be set in SR 4. Oh well take a gander any ways if you wish...

The Great Mr Slamm-0! ( Finding random crap on the trix)

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