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So, I found a small number of Shadowrun books for the kindle (the fiction) and I have just started reading one called Neat and find myself marvaling at how many detective novels and Shadowrun books start out with the main character doing something (or not doing something) that any seasoned runner should know better then. Things like
Not checking up on the Johnson. Even if a friend sent the custamer your way you can not trust that they are on the up and up.
Failing to become suspicious when certain things pop up.
They offer you a lot more then the job is worth - like say a half a years salary.
He/she is hot to the point of distraction
The job looks insanely easy. Find a kid and they have a personal item belonging to the missing.
It is something that is police jurisdiction and they hire you in a 24 hour window of "informing the law".
now I have not gotten too far into the book but I can see this is not what its supposed to be and things are not going too go well.
Its so film nior.

would it be wrong?

To start out a secrit cross over campagn by giving the PC's dormant metagenetics w/o telling the players at creation and then haveing them randomly roll to see what lvl if any changes they experiance when the mana storm transports them else were.

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Three little words

I am death.
Akasha moved threw the night like a shadow. The wind made more noise then she did. Over the last 15 years she had come to know the streets of New York city as well as she had once known those of Tokyo. "I am death" she reminded herself as she slipped threw the darkness. She had forgotten that once not so long ago. It was her sister Shishome who had reminded her of this simple fact. It was what she was born to be, raised to be. In her youth it had not bothered her. She had been proud to be the best in the Takamura clan. An old ninja family with established Yakuza ties. That was when she had been young. Well younger.

Akasha and Shishome were born in 2013. The beginning if the new world – the end of the old. Their parents had seen the great dragon when he came to the city. The had survived a VITIS ( virally induced toxic immune syndrome ) out break. They had been relieved with the birth of Shishome, shocked when Akasha came but a few minutes later. Akasha's slender, almost fragile looking build and her delicately pointed ears came as a surprise. Of coarse in those days all UGE ( unexplained genetic expression ) infants came as a surprise. People just did not expect to see a rash of meta-human births. It was like something out of a story book. Suddenly magic was very much real, along with the people that went with it. To her parents dismay Akasha was an elf – for lack of a better word. Little did they know, she was much more then that.

It quickly became apparent that Akasha was very adept at the martial arts and she was less then 2 years when she began training. By the time she was five she was an individual of remarkable grace. By the time she was 14 she had surpassed her teachers. Her first target was a man involved in the production of child porn. A well deserved death. It was not long after that when Japan closed its doors to meta-humans, even those born there. Her family felt she was better dead then deported. She had disagreed.

Akasha thought she had been successful and made a life for herself. She got married and they had a daughter. Then her family found her. They took her husband and daughter. They made her choose which would live. Made her kill the one who wouldn't. Her husband died at her hands. She had killed him faster then most. If she had not her sister would have killed him and her daughter. So Akasha's mantra was forever branded into her mind. I am death.

campaign idea - matrix

Theres a new crimnal broadcast going around, someoneis sucking in deckers into a twisted game show of sorts pitting them agenst state of the art ( and sometimes greater then ) counter insurgance measures and virises. The reward - they get to live if the win. The game is set up by a twisted tecknomancer called the gamemaster. So far no one has beaten the game. Deckers are being found fried threw out the U.C.A.S., Seatle, and Calforna free state - posibly elsewere ( depending on the teams location and range for aquiring streat rumors )

The gamemaster is tuned to the anti-resonance and is compleatly psychtic. Stat.'s not yet avalable.

Selling off my gaming collection for charity.

Hey gang,
I am clearing out my closet and selling off a lot of my gaming and book collection with the majority of the money going to charity.  The charities I am supporting are the American Cancer Society, Canine Assistance (a group that trains dogs for disabled people) and a local animal shelter which rescues animals from other shelters before they are put down.

Please check out my auctions and bid if you see something you like.  They are all starting at a penny and I have some rare out of print items up for auction. Tell a friend