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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2010|07:42 pm]

This writers block question jumped out at me as being just so shadowrun I answered as a fav. chericter and decided to cross post it here.
I thought we could all have fun posting on this as curent or faverite chericters.

Imagine an online game which is so close to reality, that you can feel and touch your opponent. What sport, activity or game would you want to play?

Any decent runner knows that BTL's are highly addictive and dangerious. Its best to stear clear of them and keep with reality. You don't want to be zoned on a cosmic dream party when a subteranian giant rat decides to have you for supper.
street samerie
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just stupid [Sep. 28th, 2010|11:27 pm]

We started out the night with the troll trying to take out his enemy. He got the ork to help him put some explosives and a radio detonator on the guy's car.

Meanwhile, the (hot female) rigger was trying to get close to said enemy, to aid the troll. But never said anything to anyone about it.

The troll and ork watch as the valet pulls the car up to the club. The enemy walks out the front doors... with the rigger. Oh shit. Drive! The ork races down the street. The troll leans out the car window with an assault rifle, intending to shoot the guy, to hopefully prevent the rigger from getting into the explosive-laden car. He rolls a critical glitch. More dice rolling ensues, and the rigger is hit. She takes two boxes - hit in the shoulder. Perception test - she recognizes the troll.

Several days later we show up for a meet, and head out on the mission. Troll tries to apologize for it, but she's not having it. Goes VR, turns off communication.

Okay, here's our plan. We need to clear the Yakuza security guards from the late night gym. I levitate the ork up to the windows on the second floor. He opens fire, while the rest of us break in the front and run upstairs to attack them. Ok, go! Ork shoots at the mage (chooses this target by pure luck) and misses. He very shortly fills in all his boxes to a mana bolt. I bring him down and the rigger stabilizes him while the rest of us go upstairs. We had control of a gun drone, and took out one bad guy before they shot it up. Troll runs into the room (armor jacket and gyro-mounted MMG) and takes out the mage before taking damage from four SMG's and a mana bolt (I rolled one hit on the eight dice of my edged counterspelling test). Three boxes into overflow.

The physad goes in the room under invisibility.

I levitate the troll's body out of the line of fire and call the rigger up for first aid. Now... as a player, I knew that she might not want to help the dying troll. As a character, I had no idea of the previous conflict. She goes past me up the stairs, pulls out a machine pistol and finishes off the troll. I pick up the troll-corpse and try to smear her down the stairs with it. I roll a sort of attack test, and succeed with a glitch. I drop it on her and they both end up on top of me. I end the rigger with a mana bolt.

The physad, using his missile master powers, wins a war of attrition with the Yaks who can't see him. We call the Johnson, and we have to hold the place for ten minutes until his guys can get there. We put the bodies in the hacker's truck and loot all the corpses for comms and foci. We leave in the truck, and the technomancer heads out in his own truck. We pick up our pay. We never see the technomancer again.

I don't really need to list out the stupidity, do I? That would take too much time, anyway. *sigh*. The only competent parts were the physad, and the matrix action which took care of three drones.

The technomancer? He was dwarf with a strong hatred for humans. He was controlling the gun drone on the first floor. He saw me (human mage) standing at the bottom of the stairs, casting spells up. A dead troll and an elf come down the stairs, and then I cast a force ten spell and the elf died. The player said he almost shot me at that moment. Later, he realized that I was also somewhat responsible for the ork being taken out. So when it was all over, the humans were unscathed and the metas were dead. Except for the ork, who only *almost* died. And that ork hated prejudiced people. So the dwarf took his money and ran.
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Games in Moscow [Sep. 15th, 2010|12:01 pm]

We are starting a campaign in Moscow.

If some of the readers live here welcome to play.

If someone like to play remotely we may try.
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First Session last night! [Aug. 19th, 2010|01:01 pm]

[Current Location |UK]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Hi everyone!
Thanks for all your helpful tips in my last post. =) I see what you mean about the paranoia thing!!

My Trolly street samurai came out a lot more serious than I intended but I like her.

Curious question... what other systems (if any) do you guys play? And do you just do table top or do you larp? computer game? mmo?

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Tips for a newbie! [Aug. 12th, 2010|01:05 pm]

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[mood |chipperchipper]

Hi guys!
New to the community and new to Shadowrun! Been tabletop roleplaying for a few years now - playing Vampire:Dark Ages and currently still playing D&D Dark Sun.

I'm going to playing with a few friends, three of which (including the DM) have played a LOT of shadowrun...So it should be interesting winging my way through the first few sessions.

I've genned a Troll Street Samurai with the help of the more experienced players.

If you could give one tip to me as a newbie to Shadowrun what would it be? (Other than have fun!=D)
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Quick edge question [Aug. 3rd, 2010|10:44 am]

Hey guys,

So does the rule of 6 apply to the edge rule below?
"You may re-roll all of the dice on a single test that did not score a hit"

I believe all of the other rules specify YES or NO pretty clearly.
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Can you dodge a grenade? [Jul. 21st, 2010|01:00 pm]


Our group got into some heavy grenade usage last session and I need to clarify some rules.
I understand the thrown weapons/scatter rules, but I was curious what a defender can do against grenades.

Do they get the normal reaction + dodge vs. thrown weapons or are they just screwed?
How do you dodge a 30 foot blast?

Assuming the attacker is using a flash bang, which does not reduce damage from the source, is it possible to dodge the blast or is it just a damage resist roll if you happen to be stuck in the blast radius?
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Can somebody explain how thermographic vision works? [Jul. 21st, 2010|12:47 pm]

Hey guys.
A player was thermo goggles during my last session and I wasn't sure what the hell they do.
I believe they track heat signatures, which can be used to "see" rough shapes in total darkness.
How long does a heat signature last?
Can you see a heat pattern through a wall, glass window or a door?
I didn't want to treat it like X-ray vision, but I could seem to find a description on how heat works.

Any ideas?
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Running with a hacker? [Jul. 16th, 2010|11:00 am]

Hey guys, I am running a new campaign which includes a hacker tonight and I could use a little help.

1. How do GMs accommodate all the matrix stuff for a hacker without it overwhelming the game?
2. I noticed most of the commlinks go to like 4 on their stats, would Nodes or mainframes have a higher rating? What's the max? What about programs?
3. How do you set up the matrix for a run? I'm using a skyscraper for most of the run, how many nodes and stats should I include?
5. How much security, live and digital, should a building which houses up to 100 offices realistically have?
6. How would you prepare the campaign for that?
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wheelchairs [Jun. 22nd, 2010|05:36 pm]

hey everyone,

im new to the group, and fairly new to shadowrun as i just started playing it in the fall (3rd ed for a bit then we migrated to 4th). i have been running with a troll mage that is almost too powerful for his own good and have been thinking about ideas for a secondary char. my idea is along the lines of a wheelchair bound mad scientist, but i am having trouble coming across anything on wheelchairs, especially something that could be souped up and used by as rigger. i have seen stuff on PMVs: scooters and segways, but nothing really that is along the lines of what im looking for (and no basic wheelchairs at all). if anyone here has any idea of where to look on such information or could point along in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

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